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You've found the Mary-Dixon page about horsemanship.  Horses are my passion and my obsession.  They have helped me become a kinder, more confident, more patient person.  What they have taught me about them and taught me about myself is immeasureable.  I now try to teach folks about the nature of horses and how to understand each other which leads to a more confident human and a more confident little darling.
Adventure Horse Riding in NYS


2 Tack and Equipment Care - great tips

2  Tack and Equipment Care

Are you shining bits, stirrups, and buckles? Toothpaste is wonderful for cleaning white stirrup pads and shining silver bits, stirrups, buckles, buttons on your tack. Toothpaste will make your horses gleam!

Having trouble keeping your stainless steel horse bits and stirrups clean and shiny? You can soak any stainless tack item in a bowl of vinegar for several days to dissolve the rust. Rinse thoroughly after using.
Horse Tack Mold Problems? Want to remove mold on leather products like saddles, bridles, leather boots and straps? White vinegar can be used for a deep cleaning of mold. Vinegar will also remove buildup and stickiness.

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1a Early Springtime Musings

  1a   Early Springtime Musings

It's been a while since I have blogged - actually quite a while.  My husband was very sick, he did get better.

This winter was difficult winter wise - massive amounts of snow - and incredibly cold - oh my goodness !  It seems that all I did was move snow - off roofs ( too many of them), off driveways (too many of them) and around the barn area.

I have usually been able to ride a good part of the winter even if it was simply up and down the driveways and around the barn - alas, not so this winter. I couldn't even handle the cold and generally that is not a problem for this cold hearted wench.  It sure was this year.  I even got frostbite on my foot for heaven's sake.  

Had to spend a good portion of February fixing the tractor - and after hours and days of freezing my butt of the problem was there was some kind of eel or worm in the fuel tank that kept blocking the diesel from coming through the fuel line.  It's all set now and I sure did learn a lot about tractors - and snowblowers!

I rode Dusty, my wacko Tennessee Walker a few days last week and a couple this week - just around the driveway but it sure did feel good.  Bet you folks can't wait to ride either!

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#109 That Set up for Success Thing

Molly - the renegade mule - saucy little wench .
I haven't ridden Molly for about 3 months.  One day, out of the blue, or so it seems, she just decided she is not going to leave the front barn area for hell or high water - VERY frustrating - obviously my patience was at a low ebb - and we had several battles - needless to day say, I lost each and every one of them.
So, I do know one has to ALWAYS QUIT ON A GOOD NOTE and I settled for just a puny 10 steps in the direction requested - when she did them I got off.  Did not get on her then for months - knew patience was not a strong point for me this winter.

Yesterday, it was time to get the show on the road.  Did not want to but knew it needed to get done and at least the weather was cooperating.
Tried to figure out how to set the two of us up for success - meaning no battles and discouragement on either end (and knew I'd best prepare mentally for the worse).

 Hit on the idea of tying one of her buddies up in the middle of the whole area where Molly would see her and had refused to ride earlier.  Ended up riding all over for about 1/2 hour including out to the road and out of the pasture - no problems - idea worked - yeah baby ! 
I decided that was enough for the day and quit on a good note.  And, a good day it was.

Set up for success - for both you and your little darling - it generally works.  At least I did have a set of brains on yesterday.
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Tip # 108 Helmets

                          4/08/14         Helmets

Occasionally we receive flak or really snotty comments from folks that notice some of our guests ride without helmets.  These people think it is appalling that we do not insist on helmets and some are very vocal and/or downright nasty about it.

Now, I am not stupid.  I am very aware of how dangerous horse riding can be and more often than not I wear a helmet.  I don't every time.  I also would prefer it that our guests wear helmets.

 BUT I am a strong believer in allowing adults to make their own decisions when it comes to helmets, safety vests, political affiliation, religious and political beliefs, sports participation, etc. As far as I am concerned we have way too much gov't interference and political correctness in our lives today. I can't stand it. And, I can't stand "well-meaning folks telling me what to do and I do not intend to be one of those obnoxious people to tell you what to do.    


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