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You've found the Mary-Dixon page about horsemanship.  Horses are my passion and my obsession.  They have helped me become a kinder, more confident, more patient person.  What they have taught me about them and taught me about myself is immeasureable.  I now try to teach folks about the nature of horses and how to understand each other which leads to a more confident human and a more confident little darling.
Adventure Horse Riding in NYS


Tip #22: Backing up and Control

Backing up your horse, besides it's obvious advantages, is great for your horses stomach muscles and for your horses thinking side of his brain.  Try it  yourself - walk forward - see, you don't even think, just kind of daydream.  Now, backup - notice how much more concentrated and aware and focused you are - the same goes for your little darling and his focus on YOU !

Some great horseman say that "the better a horse backs up and/or goes sideways, the better a horse he is".

Control:   backup your horse around 3 barrels - see how you do - it's kind of fun!

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