#50 Meanies and Fools

#50  Meanies and Fools

I was reading about Linda Parelli's accident, and then about the death of one of her horses Westie. I could not believe the mean comments I read throughout various forums. They acted as though a Parelli horse should never spook or trip. Are you kidding me?
Which then reminded me of a friend of mine, Jerry, a very experienced rider, who was racing with some others and he crashed into a tree and knocked himself out - well, the consensus seemed to be that he had it coming because he was racing and because he wasn't wearing a helmet.
Which then reminded me of a woman that was lunging her horse, and as she lunged, she let the lunge rope wend its way around her legs. Well, the horse spooked and dragged the woman and I think she died - can't remember - but the response was she shouldn't have been so stupid.
And, 2 years ago, I read about a barn owner that walked into a stall to remove a blanket from a horse, the horse spooked and pretty well smashed up her face with some well placed kicks.
And, my friend who was readying her cow for the county fair, had the lead rope around her wrist as she was whitening her, the heifer got scared and dragged Lori across the railroad tracks and down a dirt road..
And, me, who had spurs on the first time but forgot I had them on and nudged Smokin' Joe over a jump - well, we sure did get over that jump.
And me, again, standing across a creek & holding the lead line to encourage my horse to cross the creek - well, she did cross the creek right on top of me.

And me - lots of other stupid stuff - and, lo and behold - I still catch myself being really foolish.
Stuff happens -  it simply means we were  stupid, ignorant, immature, or simply unaware.  What it does NOT MEAN is that "we had it coming to us."
It doesn't mean we deserved, or our horses deserved, getting hurt. Horse people need to be kinder in their hearts.

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