#57 A Touchy Subject !

#57  A Touchy Subject  !

This is a touchy subject when it comes to riding - but it is something I have seen many times over and it is from these observations that I am writing.  

And, it has to do with fear, nervousness, and lack of confidence & maleness and femaleness.

There are more woman than men riding the past 2 decades than ever before in history.  AND, the "fear" or "nervousness" thing is just not discussed because we are too embarassed to talk about it and are afraid of looking like a sissy or a baby.

So, why is there so much fear among females when it comes to the little darlings and riding ???

It is very simple and easily explained.

As a rule, woman don't have that "male ego" thing that is what makes men get into fights and into challenging each other and bragging and being #1.  It's just not us.

(this is not an absolute statement by any means - but it does seem to hold true for the majority)

AND, we don't have the testosterone which is responsible for the above.
Nor, do we have the physical strength.
And, we never had lots of crashes like boys when we were young.
Nor do most of us love that big adrenalin rush that men thrive on.  
So, it is those things that we battle - and struggle with.
As was noted before - riding is not for the feint of heart.

I love scaring the bejesus out of myself - and overcoming that fear - when I am working with an outlaw horse or training an unbroke horse, but let me tell you, I am not having a good time.  I am a wreck. But when the day is done, I am tickled pink and know that I had a ball.  But only when the day is done and I am still alive.  I thrive on it and so do lots of other females, but I daresay there are tons more females out there that don't want a thing to do with it, and when faced with it become a wreck, and/or after a crash won't ride again.

We are just different than men.
Most of us are able to overcome it and / or  we simply learn to deal with the nasty fear because our love for the darlings or for the sport is just too great.

And, some just can't do it.

It is nothing to be ashamed of.  We are just different.

It is the nature of the beast.
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