#67   The Church-goers !

This is a video of two horses and the church steps.  It is about gaining confidence and having trust in the rider.  The method is approach and retreat.

The value of the video is not just showing approach/retreat and confidence and trust, but the importance of FUN and RELAXATION in trying to get your little darling to do something.  Turn the volume up a bit and listen to us laughing and our comments - this is what horse riding is about - good times for you and for the darlings.

It is not about the church steps, it is not about crossing a creek, it is not about going across a bridge, it is not about getting into the trailer - it is about the PARTNERSHIP you have between you and your horse - if he gets up the steps today - great - if not, that is just fine too - he will get there eventually.  It is about fun, trust, confidence, and joy.

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