#71 Is it You or Your Little Darling ?

#71 Is It You or Your Little Darling ?

I hear, fairly often, that someone feels very strongly that their horse needs to learn his/her manners.  And, they become quite aggravated with their darling, if not downright pissy.

             A reasonable response is, instead of thinking that your horse needs to mind his manners why not simply tell yourself that YOU need to take the time to  better understand your horse ?

             He is pushy because you have taught him that he can mow you down, he is generally disobedient because he either hasn't figured out the right answer from you or you allow him occasionally to be disobedient so it becomes a habit with him.

               He runs away from you basically because he either does not want to be with you or it has become a "game" with him.

                He paws in his stall when it is feeding time because you still feed him when he paws so it is his reward and that is what you have taught him.

                He moves when you go to climb up on him because you still get up there while he is moving.

                 He/she has the crummy manners because you haven't taken the time to learn about his needs and requirements as a horse herd animal and because you are inconsistent.

                So be more aware and understanding of your prey partner - find out what it is that she/he really needs and then do it - once you do that,  your darling will be marvelous!!!

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