#86 A Few Reminders

Below are just a few reminders for you when you are with your little darling.

When you face your horse straight on - meaning your eyes, shoulders, chest, knees and feet are pointing toward him - that that is generally regarded by him as pressure and makes him uncomfortable.  If you stand just a bit off to the side then that will be more settling for him and he will appreciate it.

Eyes are HUGE PRESSURE - recall what it is like when you know someone is intentionally watching you and your every move - you get nervous and alert - and so does your horse - do him a big favor, simply keep your eyes downcast.

Have manners and courtesty to your little darling just as you expect him to have manners and courtesty when he is around you.

You are on HIS time - he is not on your time.

Don't just burst into his stall - ask him permission first.

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