#88 Emotions

There is a saying that I've come across from time to time - yet I almost ALWAYS think about it each time I ride - and especially if I am a tad cranky or my darling is jacking with me.

  The quote is: "There are only two emotions that belong in the saddle; one is a sense of HUMOR and the other is PATIENCE."

Don't take things too seriously and see if you can find the capability to literally laugh out loud when things go awry - which they generally do.  That means if your buddy is moving around or running away from you or turning left instead of right or not going forward, etc. - well, the situation does need to be corrected but before you get all pissy just laugh - he is messing with your noggin and you can still have a good time with his highness.  When you sit back and think about it - their behaviors are mostly darn funny so stop being so serious and take the time to see the actions from a different viewpoint - 

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  1. I concur feeling of humor is truly a significant feeling that have a place with saddle,It is a necessary part in conversation,that we should comprehend the significance of giggle.

  2. Lordy - the more I ride, the more I realize I need that humor and the giggles I get are quite wonderful.

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