#102 Discouragement and Ms. Know It All part 3

Discouragement - Part 3

Well, we have been doing terrific and both of us have been very happy.  She now goes out with ease and goes on the trail instead of insisting on bushwhacking next to he trail.  She had been fine all summer but, for whatever reason, just decided to regress and find out how much patience Ms. Mary really had.

  What Molly fully realizes now is that  I can, and will, outlast her.

 The Darlings are just so accustomed to humans giving up - 

So, riding has been going very well for a few weeks now - quite joyful, actually.

BUT THEN, ... Sunday - strong winds and snow on the ground - big surprise - Molly is not having diddly squat with this weather.  No way and no how.  She is not going to walk anywhere.  Again.  Period.  End of statement.  Are you freaking kidding me?

This little gal is pitching fits - throwing her head  and kicking up her back legs.  She wants nothing to do with any of this.   We are just standing still for- heaven's sake.  And off I went onto the  ground - what with a slippery saddle with the snow, & a sharp turn with her tossing head and legs.

So, again, with the patience of Job, one full hour in the blowing storm and with a very crabby mule we finally made headway.  Tiny tiny steps at a time - and wait and wait and wait - and more steps - and wait and wait and wait - til we finally made it around the barn and part of the playground.  That was enough for the day.

Ahh - the delights of riding.    I wanted a mule because I love challenges - well, I sure did get what I wanted.  Ms. Know-It-All thought she knew it all - I think not !!!

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