BACK AGAIN to the Walk-Stop Exercise - and Hanging in There !!!

On Jan 13 thereabouts I was talking about the importance of the walk stop exercise – 2.5 months ago -  walk 3 or 5 steps, then a complete stop, then again.   The exercise teaches them to listen to you.  It is good for the go go go horse and for the slow slow slow horse.
I learned this from John Lyons years ago and have always used it in training or retraining one of my darlings.  It has always worked.

BUT, my goodness, it takes PATIENCE, but sure worth it in the end.

Back to my crazy little high speed 18 year old Paso Fino that I bought this fall.  I now have 32 hours on her.  I do get a tad discouraged and a bit frustrated in teaching her to slow down.  So, a while back, and it did take forever, she would be able to get to the 60 steps in just walking but no more and not consistently
So,  weather permitting – it has been a bear with snow, ice and cold in upstate NY , I just kept working on it when I could .  Can you say boring ?  and frustrating, etc. ?

Well, today we broke the 200 walk step and complete and wait stops – twice !

This may not sound like a BIG DEAL with a lot of folks – but it shows you the patience and repetition and consistency you need when it comes to working with the little darlings.  You just can’t give up.

My Jose was similar to Cassie – and he was my greatest & most difficult  partner ever – and I got it done with Jose and I have no doubt I can get it done with Cassie.

Cassie and Mary

So, I guess, as I blather on and on, my advice to you is just hang in there.  It will happen, even with a heck of a hot horse.

This is the stuff  I breathe,  love and live for.  

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