It Simply Takes the Time It Takes !

Going down a steep step.

This is one of the better lessons in horse riding that I have learned.  The actual quote goes as follows:  it takes the time it takes and it will take less time
The translation of this is that every single horse is different.  What may take one little darling only 5 minutes to learn, it may just as easily take another horse 5 days or 3 weeks or whatever to learn the same darn thing. 

So, it can be frustrating.  And aggravating.  It is  really Important to remember that when you are teaching or training your horse, it is NOT about the GOAL – it is about the partnership.
Once we adults get that darn GOAL THING in our heads when it comes to horses we get stressed out, crappy, impatient and all kinds of bad things.

We got into horses because we love them and to relax and have fun.  Once we start doing the stupid goal thing we’ve negated all the reasons we got into horses in the first place
So, spend the time needed with your horses – take breaks – you don’t need to do “drill” sessions that is bothersome to  you and your darling.  Try to make it a game.

Each session generally, though not always, gets better.  And takes less time.

When you stick with it for however long you need to do it, it will go from maybe 3 hours to do something to just 5 minutes, then pretty soon, it takes no time whatsoever.

Sacking Out.

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