Tip #17: Horse People and OK

Many horse riders often tell you that you are doing something wrong - bad saddle placement, too tight or loose placement of a bit, girth too tight or too loose, should have leather/synthetic saddle instead, need a breast collar, too rigid a seat, too sloppy a seat, reins too loose or reins too tight, feet incorrectly positioned, the whole helmet thing, improper cueing, too strict or not strict enough with your horse,  - well, there is just no end to it.

I am pretty sure most of you have been there.

When someone - as in many - would give me advice about what I was doing "wrong", I'd try to explain why I did certain actions.  That didn't work very well at all - the discussion  often  ended up as a debate similar to the ones you have when you talk politics or religion.  There really is no way you are going to change their mind or you theirs.  Seems to be the nature of the beast.  OR, you think everyone on a horse knows more than you so you think they are always  right and you must always be wrong.

Each of us have different opinions and certain things work well for us and/or out little darling,  but not necessarily for someone else. 

What is the solution?    Just say "okay" or "thank you" with a nice smile and go your own way and do your own thing.  They can't argue with that .

Listen and then decide for yourself if the point is valid.  And, only you know your own little darling and how best to attend to  his/her needs and comfort - no one else really does.  So simply listen and make your own decisions.

Okay ?  Thank you !

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