Tip #18: Horse Riding and Being Crabby

Sometimes your horse gets up on the wrong side of the corral or you get up on the wrong side of bed.  When that is the case, it may be best that you do not ask too much of yourself or your little darling.  If you are riding, then just ride someplace easy where you do not have to place many demands on him/oron  you.  In other words, just chill and daydream

If you start a new lesson, or demand that you or him to be better at something and you are already cranky and irritable, you probably are just going to get even more impatient and crabbier or maybe angry..  So, leave yourself alone and leave your little darling alone - don't ask for much of anything - do your lessons or whatever another day.

Or maybe, simply don't ride,  Just hang with the darling, let him graze, or  sit out in the pasture and relax.

If you do get pissy, just forgive yourself and move on.  Don't beat yourself up.  We all screw up !

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