Tip #19: Horse riding is not for the feint of heart .

Horse riding is not for the feint of heart, is it?  No doubt you've had moments when you've been scared to death or even terrified.  Sometimes, it is really, really hard to get back up on a horse after an incident - regardless of how mild or serious that incident was.  It makes no never-mind.

It affected you mentally and emotionally and probably physically.    If this has happened to you or to your friend, it's really important that you know you aren't the only one struggling with the aftermath.

Why we don't talk about it I'll never know but we don't.  Our attitude seems to be "just suck it up", "step up to the plate", "don't be such a baby" and get on and let's go.  We don't have all year.

So, whether it's you or your buddy,  go easy on yourself you're not a chicken and you're not a baby.  If it takes some time for you to get back up in the saddle, well, it's just going to take that time.  You're not going to rush it.  You don't have a thing to prove to anybody - no way and no how.  You just have to dig way down inside you and do a bit at a time to get your confidence back.  You'll do just fine then.

It simply takes the time it takes.  I know - I have been there more than once, and so has my husband.

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