Tip #15: Horse Stands Still for Mounting

If your horse starts to move when you go to get up on him, he is either jacking with you or trying to tell you that he is not ready for you to climb up on him (meaning possible trouble).  So, don't do it - even though you are athletic enough to do so!  If he is jacking with you, then he is not respecting you as his leader, and in his DNA is the requirement that he finds a strong leader to follow and protect him.  So, now you have to do YOUR JOB !

   I have never seen this not work - (about 30 horses with horrible mounting habits).  The second your foot goes toward the stirrup or you grab the mane to mount, and he starts to move, keep foot out of stirrup and send him in a circle to the left, to the right, to the left, to the right. Make him work.  Cause the wrong thing to be uncomfortable.  Or bang the stirrups against his side or pound on the top of the saddle - and the SECOND he stops moving, you stop banging or pounding.  Go to get up.  He moves - do the above over,  Get up - he moves, do the above over.  Go to get up, he moves- do the above over.  He will stand still eventually in about 5 or 10 min max)  It just requires persistence on your part.  Once he is still and you climb up on him, STAY still - do not go forward - teach him to wait.  If he moves forward, move him backward.

 Consistency - you will have to do this ALL THE TIME now or you will screw him up. 

All of our darlings (13 of them)  stand still for saddling (we do not tie them)  and for mounting.  They  don't move because it is easier for them to be quiet than getting annoyed with flapping stirrups and/or thumping on top of the saddle. .

When you have some time and are not in a hurry, try this - you'll be impressed.

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