Tip: Joy and Frustration

Many horse riders get irritated, aggravated, crabby, frustrated and stressed out when riding their horse.  Generally, it is because the little darling is not cooperating and doing what we want.  We get angry because we are so goal and task oriented and either the horse or us is not making the goal.  The point being:  we are no longer riding for pleasure and enjoyment and instead we've made riding the darlings into work.  Now, why would we do that?  We got into this sport because we loved horses and enjoyed riding so much - then we've gone and ruined it.  The next time you are with your horse - try to remember the real reason for having him.  It is for joy and pleasure.
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  1. I enjoy reading your tips.. Keep them up.. :-)

  2. Thanks so much and if you have any horse stories or tips, send them on, okay? Would really appreciate it.