#38 Complacency and Fools

#38               Complacency and Fools

I know what I speak of .  I am the fool - hopefully you are not.  I am so used to being around horses that I too often take things and situations for granted and get careless - putting myself into a nice bag of trouble.

Examples:  My feet have been stepped on at least 4 times this year - why?  I wasn't paying attention, was too complacent, and as a result, I didn't practice what I preach.  Because of this I showed poor communication and leadership .   I was focused on whatever and allowed the darlings to get too close, pushy  and to make me move, instead of vice versa.  Ouch !  Duh ! 

This winter, I was standing directly in front of my  pushy little Welsh Cobb - I already knew she is  incredibly pushy if she panicks or gets nervous and knew that she was not comfortable in front of the garage  - but again, I wasn't paying attention or using my noggin.  I was asking her to back up, and something scared her from behind, so she cutely ran straight ahead, pushed me down and ran over me.  Another Duh !

This summer, in front of guests no less, I was sidepassing my Jose along the fence line, probably showing off !   I forgot to check to see if the fence was on - and yes, it was on.  Jose spun like a crazed animal,  and spun so fast I was dizzy, the husband is yelling to me to get off but I couldn't, we were going around in circles so darn freaking fast - and I mean fast.  There was no way I could even spin him in the other direction.  He finally did settle down - and in praise of him, he never tried to bolt or get me off of him - but that was some ride !!!  Again, complacency.  It'll get you in trouble every time.

And, it's so darn humiliating and embarrassing.

 I'm sure there are more examples but I have conveniently forgotten them - or  am just too proud to admit to any more foolishness.

Complacency can be dangerous !  So don't be stupid, as yours truly has been !

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