#37 The Biggest Problem - I Think

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#37                                   The Biggest Problem - I Think..

The biggest problems horses seem to have - I think - is the barn sour, herd sour, buddy sour business.  They are such herd animals that it is incredibly difficult for them to be separated from those magnets that is essential in their DNA for the darlings very survival

And, it seems, that is the most difficult problem that riders have with their horses and why so many  just end up quitting riding.  When the sweethearts get the sours - which is generally as soon as you take them away from the barn, they get jiggy, tense, argumentative, disobedient, defiant and scary.

We then get nervous or scared - most of us don't know what to do or how to fix the situation - and we  give in.  The next time we go out, the situation gets worse, and the next time the situation becomes even  horrendous to the point of being dangerous.  Now we're scared to death to go out - so what do we do ?  We stop riding & come up with varying excuses why we can't ride or we spend enormous time just grooming the horse or arrive late to the stable or think our horse is a bit lame etc.

Has this happened to you or to your friends???

I would love to hear your opinion - is that the biggest problem or can you think of another?

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