#40 Loops and Splits

#40  Loops and Splits

Our guests constantly ask us why we don't use split reins and why we don't use leather  - those are generally the only type of reins they have ever used or seen.

We don't use leather because if a person's hands get sweaty, either from heat or from nerves, the leather gets like greased lightening - you can barely hold on to them - talk about slippery !!!

Climbing with Loop Reins
Also, beginners or nervous folks quite often drop one of the reins and there is the danger of the horse stepping on that rein while it's attached to the bridle - not a pretty picture.

We use the loop rein for riding and for training - folks and horses.   They can't drop the loop reins - though occasionally if the darling drops down for a drink and you're not ready, the loop will go to his ears & you have to be limber enough to be able to reach it.

The loop reins are also much easier to practice turning, lateral flexion, and the one rein stop.

The reins are simply a matter of personal preference - but thought some of you out there might like to know too.

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  1. Thanks for the info - sometimes I would wonder why a rider used a certain type of rein.

  2. Whenever I had split reins, I always knotted them together.
    With my own tack, I use split reins joined with Conway buckles, to make adjustable loop reins.
    I like leather, but I make my own reins. They are oiled and soft and not slick at all.