#43 Permission

#43  Permission

You don't need to have permission and you don't need to be perfect !

When riding one of the little darlings - either your own sweetie or someone else's or you are at a lesson, and you feel the need to get off - listen to your instincts -  then just get off - you don't need to listen to what your friend, husband, instructor, or whoever says.

  It is YOU that is up there on the horse, it's not them.  Period.

  And, your safety is the most important thing - ever, ever, ever.  And, only you can determine that, no one else can.

  So, don't feel ashamed, feel like a coward, feel like a sissy or feel like a loser - you are not -  you can always get back on later that day or whenever.

You DO NOT need anyone's PERMISSION to get off- only yours.

.  This is really, really important for you to get into your noggin.

I know I've said athis before - but I can't say it enough - you need to believe this.

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