#45 Hurry and Horses

#45  Hurry and Horses

Hurry and horses just don't go together -  not one little bit.

Folks rush to the trail site or to the  riding arena or the lesson.

Folks need to be somewhere at a definite time after riding.

Folks rush to catch their horse and then get them tacked up.

Folks expect their horses to do things NOW.

Folks expect their horse to learn things in a hurry.

You get yourself all stressed out hurrying to and from and drive like a maniac - courting tickets or accidents.  Remember, you are doing this for fun and relaxation

The more rushed  you are, the more difficult it often  is to catch your horse and tack him up - which makes you more rushed and crazy.

And, if you have timeline in which your darling is to learn something - forget it - you've pretty much set yourself and him up for failure,  It's probably not going to happen in the time frame you want.

And, your horse knows that your attention is divided - he expects and deserves to have all of you - if he doesn't, he is just going to cause you some kind of trouble or anxiety !

SLOW is good for you and your darling

Mary Dixon        Adventure Horse Riding in NYS    RideNYS.com

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