#45 What the heck ?

  #45      What the heck ?

Your boy used to stand still for mounting.  Now, you need to be a gymnast to get up there.

He used to  be relaxed on his way back to the barn - now, he's jigging and wanting to go fast.

He was so polite while you were fixing his feed - now he's stomping his feet and banging the gate in impatience.

He was very good at sidepassing - now he's sloppy.

He was content being with you - now he tries to walk away from you.

And on and on and on.............

Wherever did that  darling of yours go ?

Horses learn from the release of pressure.  Pressure is uncomfortable and horses do whatever they can to get rid of that pressure.

When you stop doing what you were doing - ending the pressure - is what he learns and remember.  So, whatever he and you did  the last time to get rid of that presssure is what stays in his head.  He figures he got the answer right.

Therefore, if you release (end the pressure) while he is being bad - that is what he thinks is okay because the pressure ended.

So, if you give him his feed while his ears are pinned back - not good.
So, you get on him and he walks off and you ignore it, not good.
So, he's starting to hurry back, and you just keep going, not good.
So, you asked him to sidepass, and he's  crooked and you allowed it - not good.
So, when he's with you and then decides to walk away from you & you don't do something about - not good.

So, what the heck - you can fix it again - just  don't let him get away with behavior you don't want - by ignoring it or releasing the pressure at the wrong time. 

                    Be aware and be on your toes.

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