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You've found the Mary-Dixon page about horsemanship.  Horses are my passion and my obsession.  They have helped me become a kinder, more confident, more patient person.  What they have taught me about them and taught me about myself is immeasureable.  I now try to teach folks about the nature of horses and how to understand each other which leads to a more confident human and a more confident little darling.
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#46 Exercise

#46  Exercise

Your darlings need exercise - they were born to move - not to stand still.  If they are stalled most of the time you are doing them a huge disservice.

  A new foal can go 20 miles hours after his birth.   The darlings 
are designed to trot, run, climb and kick up their heels.  The words Horse and Running are almost synonymous.

Horses are also meant to be outside - not always easy in our society where land in urban areas is expensive and at a premium - so many of them are just stuck in arenas and small paddocks - but it is important to do the best you can to give them space and outside air and terrain - or at least, ride them outside when you can.  

There are so many horses that never ride anywhere but inside in an arena.

It is our responsibility to respect them as horses - not pets - and to provide environments that are as near to their heritage as possible.

Otherwise, they get sick, lame, bored, develop bad habits, develop muscle atrophy, etc.

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