#52 Horns, Horses, & Hangups

#52  Horns, Horses, & Hangups
Well, I am still trying to settle down.  A very exciting, nerve wracking ride I had today - to be sure !!!

I have thousands of hours under my butt when it comes to riding the darlings.  I've been snagged on horns and my girlfriend has been snagged on horns from her hood on branches. No huge deals but enough to be conscious of the danger of getting hung up.

But, never have I had such a terrifying experience as I did today.

I know all about horns - I know when I am training an unbroke horse, riding a horse I don't know well, or working with an outlaw horse, to always keep my jacket open - never, ever closed - and I follow this rule of mine religiously with no exceptions whatever.

But, on my own guys, I just don't think about it.  Duh, duh and duh !!!

I rode Dusty today, my tall Tennesee Walker, and decided to switch saddles.  After riding for about 15 minutes, I went to get off him to adjust my stirrups.  And I got hung up.  My jacket caught on the horn, he is tall, and apparently I was on a bit of a decline, and I am very  short.

I am on tiptoes.  There is so much tension on my jacket that there is no way in heck I can unzip it.  So I tried to pull it over my head.  No go.  Thank the Lord Dusty just stood there

I carry an army utility knife but I was hanging so much that I couldn't even get the knife out.  So, then I thought I'd better give my husband a call because there didn't seem to be anything else left to do and I was afraid Dusty would be getting restless.  I'd been hanging there for quite spell by then.

 I don't really know if I could have even reached my phone, but nonetheless I didn't even try, since, though Dusty was superb I wasn't sure if a 4 wheeler would have disturbed him and  if he even simply started to walk, I was going to be dragged.

Since I couldn't undo myself, I finally asked Dusty to move down the tiny incline just one step - I was scared to death because if he took two steps I was in even more trouble than I already was.  Well, great fella that he is, he did just as I had asked.  Then I asked him for one more step - he did it , and bit by bit by bit, I was able to pull the zipper down an inch at a time and finally was able to fully open the jacket.

Thank heavens, Dusty knows that whoa means whoa with no if's, and's or but's.

And, would you believe, only about 1 month ago I had my husband saw off the horn on my beautiful Circle Y saddle.

So, as aware as I am about horns - things still got screwed up.  I wrote this just to let you know.

This  is Dusty - I owe this boy forever for being so good during the hangup !!!

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  1. What a day! I sometimes think our 4 legged friends know when we need their help getting out of a jam. Not sure how many times I got off Tange in a very "Ungracefull Way". She is always a tropper and stands there patiently probably thinking "what the heck is he trying to do". She knows when it's me she gives me the time it takes -- she trains me..

  2. Thanks for commenting, Jersey Joe. And, yes, for the most part the darlings really and truly do seem to know when we are in trouble and take care of us - thank heavens.