#52 Your Crash Buddy

#52  Your Crash Buddy

My good friend got bucked off the other day - she is fine.  She was really angry about it - meaning she was furious with herself and the horse and was embarrassed and mortified.  She is, I am sure, now on her way to what I call debilitating fear.

 I went and found a log she could stand on to re-mount and as we were walking over there she stated:   he bucked and I could feel him getting wound up.  I asked "what should you have done?" meaning either circle him or whatever to get his brains back on or just tell me immediately to stop.

So, here is what I did wrong.  I should have just kept my big mouth shut and discussed it with her later that day or another day.

I knew she had some fear working from earlier this year and should have immediately realized that this incident would increase the fear thing dramatically - SO,  she certainly didn't need to be asked or told what she did wrong right then and there.  Naturally, we only walked after that, at least I was kind of smart there. 

 So, be kinder to your crash buddy than I was.
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