#53 Journeys

#53  Journeys

What is the quickest way to the pond?  to the picnic spot ?  to the creek?  to Zelda's farm?

What a job it was to teach him how to count;  to get him to leave the barn;  to stop jigging back to the barn; to stop grazing; to stand still; to lower his head; etc

For most horse folks, it is the pleasure of riding the little darling and developing an incredible bond between you and him.  Pretty much that is what it is all about.

But we get caught up in the end result - not the process or the journey.

Some of my friends used to drive me absolutely crazy - we'd decide to go someplace and they would want to figure out the quickest, easiest, or best way of getting there.  As though that was the purpose of the ride !

 I didn't give a hoot whether I went to Carmichael Hill or to the Pond or Raspberry Hill  or how I got there.

So, when you catch yourself doing that - remember that your purpose in owning Sweet Pea or Trouble Shooter was not so that you could go to the Church Hill - it was in the fun of getting there with your buddy.

It's not the destination, it's the journey.

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