#54 The Meaning of Crashes

#54 The Meaning of Crashes
A friend of mine (a different one than who I wrote about earlier) got thrown off or bucked off a while back.  I think she was worried that maybe she just wasn't doing as well with the darlings as she had thought.  So I wrote her this note.

What your crash probably means - it is simply a reinforcement to you that you need to stay more  aware of  the importance of communication and understanding of the prey/predator relationship between horses and humans.  We have such a tendency toward complacency and achieving goals - and the darlings always, always, always remind us that they expect more from us and will not tolerate anything less.

I have to re-learn and get re-taught on this at least once a year - always a great exercise in humility - and it sure kicks me right back to the reality of the prey animal and that I'd better have my brains on while in their company.

Remember - the darlings are MASTERS at teaching us fear, disappointment, discouragement, humility & they are also masters in teaching love, compassion, patience, partnership, and understanding
 And, it's the kick in the ass by them to us that reminds us of this.

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