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You've found the Mary-Dixon page about horsemanship.  Horses are my passion and my obsession.  They have helped me become a kinder, more confident, more patient person.  What they have taught me about them and taught me about myself is immeasureable.  I now try to teach folks about the nature of horses and how to understand each other which leads to a more confident human and a more confident little darling.
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#59 Time...

#59   Time

Good heavens - I can't even seem to find the time to put something new on the blog - so Lordy only knows how you folks find the time to ride - especially those of you that have "real" jobs or have to go to an arena.

I do everything from right here at the ranch and I can't get to writing just a tad.

So, I guess, the lesson here, is not to beat yourself up badly when you can't get out there to see your little darling.  It is not always easy but always keep in mind that first of all riding should not be a chore.  Nor should it be something that you get upset over.  Nor is it anything you should feel guilty over. Nor anything you should be getting stressed over.  Nor anything you should be getting yelled at about.  Nor is it anything that your horse will hate you for.  (sometimes, they are just tickled pink to have a little vacation from you !)

So, now I need to take my own advice - knock it off Mary - the horse riding and the blog writing are gifts from the gods and the gods are compassionate and empathetic.
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