#60 Alone

#60  Alone
Lots of folks don't ride alone because they are simply terrified at even the thought of it.  If you are one of these, you are truly missing out on a lot.

It is a skill, like any other, that you kind of have to teach yourself.  What it boils down is a confidence thing.  Confidence in that you may often just not do things alone, or confidence regarding trusting your horse, or trusting that you will find your way out of the woods, or thinking that you will get hurt, or just lacking confidence in yourself.

So those are the things that you will need to tackle, a bit at a time, to go and ride alone.  The time you spend with you and your little darling in attempting to accomplish this is time incredibly well spent.  

Once you start doing this, you no longer have to wait around for some one to go with or put together a schedule, and you can pretty much go riding just on the fly,  and the partnership between you and your buddy will increase triple-fold.

The rewards are simply huge.

Next blog - (if your horse isn't used to going out alone - we'll explain how to get the both of you doing this)

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  1. Sure is nice to ride alone at times. Quiet time. Good time for reflection and prayer and a reminder that while we love and share with others, we are all alone at times and we need never fear that. Time with a horse, a dog, and God -bless it is good for the soul and the mind not to mention the heart.