#70 Leading by the Legs

#70 Leading by the Legs

There just isn't any law that states that you can only lead your darling by his head.  Why not lead him with his front leg (legs), back leg (legs), tail, ears, mane ??? 

It is simply done using pressure and release - as soon as he moves, let go of what you are holding onto - for example, his legs or ear. Then start again.  He'll get the hang of it.

Below is a short video of me teaching the horse of one of our guests how to lead with his front legs.

You may ask WHY do I want to do that ?

Well, there are 2 reasons:

1.  Because you can - the more that you can do with your horse, the better and more "broke" your horse is.
2.)  You just never know !   Dusty moved into a really, really tight space where he would never have been able to turn around to get out of there - so I simply led him backwards by his tail.   Easy peasy...

So, why not give it a try ?

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