#72 The Real Meaning of Time & Darlings

#72  The Real Meaning of Time & Little Darlings 

Time if of the essence - ahh !   BUT it is SLOW time !!!

and it "takes the time it takes and it will take less time".  This is a pillar of truth that I live by.  

My personal darlings would be considered hard-headed, stupid,  untrainable & dangerous by most folks. 

The end result is that too often these type horses get sold, re-sold, and sold again until they end up for meat at the auction.  Their's is a terrible lot in life.

And, I do understand how dangerous and/or frustrating these darlings can be.  I have 3 of them.

BUT - if you are able to invest the time, consistency and patience - these guys become just incredible partners.

I have bunches of examples - but here is one of my most recent - little Pissy Missy - all 12.2 hands of her - strongest horse I have ever owned.

She goes absolutely crazy when she is behind a string of horses, or when they trot and I want her to walk, or I want her simply to stay behind.  And, I mean nutso- and she would whinny like crazy and jump up and down, etc.

I had approx 9 hours (at various intervals) working with her on this and she was just as bad the next time, if not worse. It does get discouraging.

BUT, this week I was able to spend 3 days in a row with her - near 10 hours - while with other riders - and she finally, finally got it !!!  She just needed the TIME & the CONSISTENCY.  She is now almost perfect.

The other horses I have trained basically get it within about 1 to 3 hours - but not all do.  It is like your kid and math - some get it quickly, others are just slower at getting it.

She will now be a fantastic and trustworthy lead horse.  

FYI - what I did was EVERY single time she whinnied or got antsy, I simply turned her around in the other direction from the other horses and marched her little behind about 25 to 50 feet away.

Then I turned her around again, and gave her the chance to do what was right - which, of course, she did not.  So we turned around again - and again - and again - and again - then she would start to understand and get it but after a few yards she just could not emotionally get control of herself and she'd get crazy again

.  So, I did this for 3 hours straight one day, and again for the next few days - never, ever getting impatient or letting her get away with it.  SHE got it !!!!!!!!

This kind of stuff really works and she is very happy now and so am I.  

When I say TIME, I am not kidding - it took me over one entire year of getting Dusty to walk up the driveway to the house - now, he does it all the time like a pro.  It  just took  TIME !!!   

Below are pix of 2 of my former outlaws - I love them dearly.


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