#73 More Time

#73  MORE TIME !!!

If you want that darling of yours to learn something in a specified amount of time - forget it - you have a goal and that horse can read you like a book.

I've had write-in's about the time blog -so here is a run-down for you - and you will see it depends on each horse, his owner, and/or the behavior you are asking for.

We measure everything by hours - not by days, or rides, etc.  

GINGER - to stand still for her bridle 90 hours, to stand still for her saddling 106 hours - she is now perfect - it just took her quite a bit longer to "get it".

JOSE - to walk, not jig, back to barn - 125 hours and huge patience - he is perfect now, to sidepass 5 hours, to be the perfect horse that he is now- 250 hours (most difficult horse ever but just superb now), spanish march 10 hours

DUSTY to learn crossing his legs - half an hour, to look to the left and to the right - 3 hours, to park out 20 minutes, to walk from the barn to the house - 1 year !!!, to be able to RUN around a curve in the trail - 2 years, to jump 1/2 hour, to go out alone 10 minutes.  spanish march 2 hours

MISSY - not to bolt 30 hours, to stay behind calmly 10 hours, to go out alone 15 minutes, to stay in control in her gaits 10 hours, to go into the side door of the horse trailer 15 min, to come toward me sideways 30 minutes

HENRY - to walk, not jump, thru mud 20 hours, to walk and not run downhill - 2 hours, to go out alone 1/2 hour, to stand still for mounting 1 hour, to ground tie 1/2 hour, to stay behind the herd and not go crazy - 10 minutes to send to the left and right 9 hours

DAKOTA - to not run downhill - 4 to 5 hours, to not eat grass on the trail and have a temper tantrum when asked to quit  30 hours !!!  To run in the lead - still working on it - several years now !, to not take shortcuts for home 3 hours, to send to the left and to the right 2 hours

TIFFANY - lead mare - to not attack other horses on the trail - always ongoing but she is pretty good now - 30 hours

BLESSED JOY - pretty much perfect at the git-go in everything -really easy and laid back.
Jose, Blessed Joy, Dusty, Pozo

These are just a very few examples - the purpose of this is to simply show how the time varies with each horse.  It does not mean the darling is slow or stupid or smart and quick - 
it is just what he is and how you are able to communicate.

So, PATIENCE is the key here - you just are not going to rush anything until your horse is confident enough and just plain ready. 

Take the time it takes, and it will take less time...

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