#77 Do As I Say - Not As I Do

The title of this blog says it all.  I am always saying how important it is to know your horse and his little idiosyncrasies - be aware of them, respect them, and mold your behavior to them. 

So, I love riding this one particular horse and I absolutely KNOW he has issues - I have done all I know to help to lessen them but in a pinch they do show themselves again  - and I am most always aware of this - as in 99 per cent of the time.  However, alas, there is that 1% of the time that I become complacent and unaware and not really tuned in to him.  Because he has improved so incredibly much I started taking too much for granted.

And, voila, here comes the crash !  Not one, mind you, but two !!!  Two weeks in a row - now, how dumb am I ?  Obviously, pretty dumb.  The first one occurred because I was just having too good a time ramming around and forgot that sometimes when I want to go left, he wants to go right - which is exactly what happened - at a relatively fast speed.  So, I flew right off him, smack on my back, and in front of guests no less!  Talk about embarrassing!   The crash happened simply because I FORGOT that he does this about 40% of the time and I just wasn't paying enough attention.  Duh !

So, you would think that after a good crash like that I would smarten up - but no, I sure didn't.  Like I say, I know his issues, he has improved greatly, but those issues are just buried into him so deep and they do peep out every once in a while - which is why I need to ALWAYS pay attention and not take the improvements for granted. 

 So here we go again - at a nice easy walk, we come upon my husband and two guests and their horses;  I was aware that this might spook him a little and I  was ready for it, which it did, but then he immediately settled right down - and so did I - BIG MISTAKE  - he then decided to get scared and he whipped around so quicly that I flew off him - again - he didn't bolt - he just turned so fast and I, being too darn relaxed in the saddle and paying attention to my husband and not my horse, just went off him.  So, that was crash #2.

So, why did I crash ?  Because I simply didn't practice what I preach.  Almost all accidents are the rider's fault - not the horses.

Hopefully, you will learn and remember what is here in this blog.  I sure hope I do !!!

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