#78 Giving Up

Horses are so used to humans giving up - and we do most of the time - which is often why it seems to take forever & forever to get your horse to do something.  They are positive they will outlast you.  And, you  know what, almost all of the time they do outlast you because we are impatient, in a hurry, frustrated and aggravated, and goal-oriented.

Folks think their horses are stupid, slow learners, obstinate, stubborn or just plain mean !

When we give up often, then our horse takes longer and longer to do something.  Why ?  He knows he will outlast you, that you will give in, and he therefore considers you a "dunce" - you are no leader and therefore you can't protect him.  This is not a good feeling for little darlings.

Most folks get very impatient and expect  whatever to be done within 5 minutes - that seems to  be our limit.   And, it is true, when working with your darling, that 5 minutes feels like 5 days sometimes.

It takes as long as it takes to get the job done.  It is senseless to wear a watch when working with horses - you are now on THEIR time - not yours - this is important to remember !

When your horse figures out that you don't give up or give in - pretty soon he does things and learns things faster - simply because he now knows you will outlast him - and he might as well just get this done and won ..

Lots and lots and lots and lots of time, time,  time,  and time,  lots of patience, patience, patience and patience  - this is truly what it takes from you.

- Your rewards will be HUGE.

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