#79 Get the GUN !!!

Just go and get the gun !  I can't believe I did this but, alas, I did.  I am embarrassed and ashamed and pretty disgusted with myself.

Of all the "whatevers" in the horse world, what I most detest are those horse folks that are "know-it-all's" and critical of those that don't do as they do.  I cannot stand it.  I find it offensive, arrogant, and obnoxious.

And, I did it.  I didn't realize it when I was opening my big mouth but it did come back to my memory as  I was riding home from the horse event in my car.

I had met this nice woman, and we were watching some horse person do something or other, and I had the audacity to tell  my new acquaintance that I would never, ever do that particular thing that the horse person was doing.  I cannot believe I did it.

I CANNOT stand people that do that and it seems to be the way of most horse folks - and, Oh Lord, now I am in the same awful group.

Get the gun and just shoot me !!!

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