#84 The One Word

I am always learning something new from horse folks.  Some things seem so obvious once I hear about them but in the interim I am just dumb and clueless.

I was at a barn a couple of weeks ago -  talking to this fine lady named Janet - we were just shooting the breeze about the little darlings and bragging on them.

During the conversation Janet mentioned that she ALWAYS uses the SAME word or sound when there is unwanted behavior.  Most of us say--- cut it out, knock it off, hey, excuse me, slow it down,stop it, stop,  etc. 

 She had learned many years ago from her Dad that a ONE same word or sound for unwanted horse behavior works like a charm since it is  is easy for the horse to always get it - and understand and then do something about about his behavior, as in quitting it. .  He just has to know ONLY ONE word OR sound,  not all of our  phrases and tones.  .

So I have been trying it out for a few days - naturally I forgot all about it a few weeks ago - duh - and these last 2 days  I am not very consistent simply because I'm so used to saying those phrases above. So I have to work at this til it becomes habit..  To me, it makes marvelous sense.

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