#93 That Fear Thing Again - and You !

Fear is a pretty big deal for many of the folks that come here - which is why they have chosen to come here - and, we have never, ever failed - in all of these years - which is quite amazing !

We can do tons for our terrified guests - but they, too, have to be willing to put in effort. And, every single one of them do.  They pay a decent buck to come here - and they really, really want it - that is, to be able to ride without the big dread or having a heart attack.

SO, a friend of mine comes here last week - simply as a friend - not a guest - and she has pretty big fear.  The fear is understandable since she was recently thrown from her horse - and I get that.  Of course she's scared.

SO, I spent 4 hours with her - working with her on the ground, then getting her in the saddle for 1/2 minute at a time and a rest, then 1 minute at a time and a rest - until she was feeling comfortable and relatively confident.  We then went out on a marvelous 1.5 hour trail ride - she did absolutely wonderful and was just happy as a clam.

She comes over the next day - I offer her a short ride again and she declines - she "didn't feel like riding" that day.  I am not impressed.  She has been given a chance which most people don't very often ever get - to ride again on a horse she rode the day before, with a "babysitter" right there taking care of her every step of the way - and she refused it.  Are you kidding me?

So, the moral of this particular blog is simply - if you have fear and yet you still have this huge desire to ride and cannot imagine going throughout the rest of your life not riding because you are so scared - then you need to step up to the plate and take advantage of every single opportunity that comes your way.  It sure as heck isn't easy dealing with fear - but you have to take some kind of action to get yourself through it if you want to ever ride again

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