#93 That Fear Thing Again - and You !

Fear is a pretty big deal for many of the folks that come here - which is why they have chosen to come here - and, we have never, ever failed - in all of these years - which is quite amazing !

We can do tons for our terrified guests - but they, too, have to be willing to put in effort. And, every single one of them do.  They pay a decent buck to come here - and they really, really want it - that is, to be able to ride without the big dread or having a heart attack.

SO, a friend of mine comes here last week - simply as a friend - not a guest - and she has pretty big fear.  The fear is understandable since she was recently thrown from her horse - and I get that.  Of course she's scared.

SO, I spent 4 hours with her - working with her on the ground, then getting her in the saddle for 1/2 minute at a time and a rest, then 1 minute at a time and a rest - until she was feeling comfortable and relatively confident.  We then went out on a marvelous 1.5 hour trail ride - she did absolutely wonderful and was just happy as a clam.

She comes over the next day - I offer her a short ride again and she declines - she "didn't feel like riding" that day.  I am not impressed.  She has been given a chance which most people don't very often ever get - to ride again on a horse she rode the day before, with a "babysitter" right there taking care of her every step of the way - and she refused it.  Are you kidding me?

So, the moral of this particular blog is simply - if you have fear and yet you still have this huge desire to ride and cannot imagine going throughout the rest of your life not riding because you are so scared - then you need to step up to the plate and take advantage of every single opportunity that comes your way.  It sure as heck isn't easy dealing with fear - but you have to take some kind of action to get yourself through it if you want to ever ride again

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  1. It's so hard to just deal with the fear, but I'm finding the longer time that I let go by without getting my butt in the saddle, the harder it becomes to actually ride. It helps so much to just do it, even when you aren't feeling great about it that day.

    1. Jeni - you are doing a real fine job - just keep it up - you are an excellent horsewoman.