#94 The Fear Thing - #2

The Fear is WORSE than the actual act of falling.  

The fear problem means that all you can think of is the "what if " scenario.  And you do not know how to let go of those "what if's ".  They completely take over your psyche and your brain.  

Think of your brain or head as having a little hole, or leak, in it where all the BAD thoughts are allowed to come through.  What you NEED to do is PLUG THE FREAKING HOLE.

I know what fear is - I truly do - and it can be absolutely debilitating.  It will stop  you from doing what you need and want - in this case, riding horses.  And you feel as though you are never, ever, ever going to ride again and/or you come up with all kinds of excuses why you can't ride or go to the barn or go out with your friends that particular day.

This is no way to live your life.

ONE thing that helps is to plug up the hole by singing out loud, talking to yourself out loud, saying a mantra over and over, or just a real simple phrase over and over and over again such as "I am so lucky to be here" or " I have a great life" - you get the idea.

As soon as you catch yourself doing the "what if" thing again, forgive yourself, say STOP, then start over again with your singing, whistling, mantra or whatever. 

"Real courage is the mastery of fear." 

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