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2  Tack and Equipment Care

Are you shining bits, stirrups, and buckles? Toothpaste is wonderful for cleaning white stirrup pads and shining silver bits, stirrups, buckles, buttons on your tack. Toothpaste will make your horses gleam!

Having trouble keeping your stainless steel horse bits and stirrups clean and shiny? You can soak any stainless tack item in a bowl of vinegar for several days to dissolve the rust. Rinse thoroughly after using.
Horse Tack Mold Problems? Want to remove mold on leather products like saddles, bridles, leather boots and straps? White vinegar can be used for a deep cleaning of mold. Vinegar will also remove buildup and stickiness.

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  1. Great post. Short but interesting. Straight to the point topic about what is all about on riding to your horse. Not everyone has a chance to ride a horse and for them it is just a fantasies that hard to full fill. It's great feeling if you connect to your horse and give you a smooth and easy ride. You will feel something different inside. Thanks Mary.