1a Early Springtime Musings

  1a   Early Springtime Musings

It's been a while since I have blogged - actually quite a while.  My husband was very sick, he did get better.

This winter was difficult winter wise - massive amounts of snow - and incredibly cold - oh my goodness !  It seems that all I did was move snow - off roofs ( too many of them), off driveways (too many of them) and around the barn area.

I have usually been able to ride a good part of the winter even if it was simply up and down the driveways and around the barn - alas, not so this winter. I couldn't even handle the cold and generally that is not a problem for this cold hearted wench.  It sure was this year.  I even got frostbite on my foot for heaven's sake.  

Had to spend a good portion of February fixing the tractor - and after hours and days of freezing my butt of the problem was there was some kind of eel or worm in the fuel tank that kept blocking the diesel from coming through the fuel line.  It's all set now and I sure did learn a lot about tractors - and snowblowers!

I rode Dusty, my wacko Tennessee Walker a few days last week and a couple this week - just around the driveway but it sure did feel good.  Bet you folks can't wait to ride either!

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  1. Good to see you're back at it! I feel the same way about the cold this year-Hope Rich is doing better- stopped a couple times- no one around! Love you both! Pete

  2. Between the snow and the cold it has been brutal - I usually ride more but just could not - At any rate, mud season has started with a vengeance but at least it means spring is here. Jane is finally shedding - Glad to hear you are well and looking forward to rides - Hope to catch you on the trails - T.

  3. I feel bad about your husband get sick. I know winter is bad. How long the winter will last? For sure your horses are devastated with cold as well. I wish everything is fine with especially with you, your husband, and your horses.