#109 That Set up for Success Thing

Molly - the renegade mule - saucy little wench .
I haven't ridden Molly for about 3 months.  One day, out of the blue, or so it seems, she just decided she is not going to leave the front barn area for hell or high water - VERY frustrating - obviously my patience was at a low ebb - and we had several battles - needless to day say, I lost each and every one of them.
So, I do know one has to ALWAYS QUIT ON A GOOD NOTE and I settled for just a puny 10 steps in the direction requested - when she did them I got off.  Did not get on her then for months - knew patience was not a strong point for me this winter.

Yesterday, it was time to get the show on the road.  Did not want to but knew it needed to get done and at least the weather was cooperating.
Tried to figure out how to set the two of us up for success - meaning no battles and discouragement on either end (and knew I'd best prepare mentally for the worse).

 Hit on the idea of tying one of her buddies up in the middle of the whole area where Molly would see her and had refused to ride earlier.  Ended up riding all over for about 1/2 hour including out to the road and out of the pasture - no problems - idea worked - yeah baby ! 
I decided that was enough for the day and quit on a good note.  And, a good day it was.

Set up for success - for both you and your little darling - it generally works.  At least I did have a set of brains on yesterday.
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  1. I love horseback riding and the horse molly in this snapshot is looking great. Even I 've also horse and I used to go for a ride when I've time. I really like your story set up for success thing. Thanks for sharing it with us and keep up blogging.

    1. You are so kind to write and Ms. Molly really appreciates the compliment. I spent 3 weeks in Penang several years ago - lovely area and gratias for encouraging the blogging - I do get a tad lazy sometimes !