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                          4/08/14         Helmets

Occasionally we receive flak or really snotty comments from folks that notice some of our guests ride without helmets.  These people think it is appalling that we do not insist on helmets and some are very vocal and/or downright nasty about it.

Now, I am not stupid.  I am very aware of how dangerous horse riding can be and more often than not I wear a helmet.  I don't every time.  I also would prefer it that our guests wear helmets.

 BUT I am a strong believer in allowing adults to make their own decisions when it comes to helmets, safety vests, political affiliation, religious and political beliefs, sports participation, etc. As far as I am concerned we have way too much gov't interference and political correctness in our lives today. I can't stand it. And, I can't stand "well-meaning folks telling me what to do and I do not intend to be one of those obnoxious people to tell you what to do.    


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