The Power of the Walk/Stop Exercise and 10 Hours of Riding

I have a new horse, a Paso Fino, and can you say hot, and crazy as a bedbug !  Oh my goodness, spin, and way, way too fast.  The action "walk" just was not in her vocabulary.  Not since my beloved Jose have I had a horse as scared and wacko as this little girl.

So after 5 days just riding her in the playground (my work area) and forever and ever and ever teaching her how to do walk/stop she finally learned to listen.  We did not get to her to being able to walk 4 steps, she could only do 3 steps before she sped way up again, but she finally did catch on to  the "stop" and the "release".

Once Cassie caught on to walk 3 steps, stop, 3 steps, stop and wait for me I then took her out onto the trail.  Needless to say, the first ride scared the bejesus out of me.  BUT, she would actually stop when I asked her too - every single 3 steps before we would start up again.  Did that for 2 hours on the trail, then next day 3 hours, then next day 2 hours, and I have to admit the first 2 days were pretty awful, but my goodness, the third, fourth and fifth days - what a HUGE improvement.

Her head finally dropped and we ACTUALLY COULD WALK quite a distance, and yesterday I started taking her down hills which I would have never, ever dreamed possible.

So, we are now in a partnership - she trusts me and I trust her - more work needs to be done, she is not perfect but I am no longer afraid of her nor is she afraid of me.

I had forgotten how well this works - ALWAYS - I have done it with many outlaw horses through the years but it has been a spell since I have had a new horse. 

Try it and you will be impressed with the outcome.

Remember, it takes the time it takes and it will take less time.

The best to you.

Cassie, Paso Fino

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